Thursday, May 3, 2012

#17: Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber

An Empire prison barge finds an eerily (seemingly) abandoned star destroyer in deep space, and before long it's stormtroopers versus zombies in Joe Schreiber's Star Wars horror novel Death Troopers

I read Schreiber's Red Harvest earlier, a sort-of prequel to this novel, and found both to be entertaining but undemanding entries in the Star Wars universe, albeit much gorier than the average tale.

Death Troopers takes place during the time of the original trilogy, my personal favorites, so I think the edge goes to this one in terms of story.  There is also an appearance of a pair of classic characters about halfway through which, based on the fact I haven't seen it mentioned on online reviews, I suspect is meant to be a surprise.

Before that there are sinister Imperials, a helpful droid, some stalwart rebels, and--memorably--a handful of zombie Wookies.  A high body count gives this one a surprising grisly finale.

I bought this at a bookstore in Richmond, Indiana before a trip and read it quickly.

Recommended for horror fans with offbeat tastes and discerning Star Wars fans.

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