Sunday, January 27, 2013

#4: The Tall Dolores by Michael Avallone

Swingin' PI Ed Noon takes on the case of a wayward husband being sought by his giantess wife (which turns out not to be as straightforward as it seems) in Michael Avallone's first detective novel, The Tall Dolores.

Avallone was a very prolific pulp fiction writer whose prose is not so much loopy as full of curlicues.  To say that he writes in an oddball style is somewhat of an understatement, and the internet yields up that people either love him or hate him. 

I actually enjoyed this funny, action-packed mystery, the first in a lengthy series featuring Noon, a typically wise-cracking private eye whose office is called "the mouse auditorium."  As this is my first novel by Avallone I don't have a feel for whether this is a typical or atypical outing.  But there is plenty of solid action, and a surprisingly downbeat finale, all of which was satisfying enough for me to seek out another Ed Noon story.

I bought this for my beloved Kindle and read it quickly.

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