Saturday, March 9, 2013

#11: Cold As Hell by Anthony Neil Smith

A virus gets loose in a snowstorm, pitting our protagonist (who is blessed/cursed with being able to see evil in others) with his grandpa's trusty axe against a legion of foes in Anthony Neil Smith's Cold As Hell.

This horror/thriller is the latest in the Dead Man series, an easily-digestible ebook collection--by various authors--centered on the premise of a drifter rooting out evil as he wanders the countryside.  This entry read much less like a Dead Man book (which often center around a fiendish antagonist called Mr. Dark) and more like a standalone thriller with some of the series parameters bolted on.

But it is still a fun read, as our hero--stranded with other drivers and various characters along a desolate stretch of interstate--contend with containment of the virus as well as its impact on the victims.

I selected this one, like the previous one I read by Christa Faust, because of interest in the author, and found his writing enjoyable.

I have liked this series for the most part and borrowed this one for my beloved Kindle, reading it quickly.

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