Sunday, July 24, 2016

#30: The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome by Serge Brussolo

A pulp-loving schlub realizes he can dredge unique artwork out of his dreams--but when the dream world becomes more attractive than the real world, he runs into trouble in Serge Brussolo's hallucinatory neo-noir The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome.

Brussolo appears to be somewhat of a cult figure in his native France, but this is his first novel translated into English.  If this psychedelic mash-up of genres is any indication, he could develop a following here as well.

The dream world story is hard-boiled crime, and the real world story is near-future dystopian science fiction; both genres on hand will be pleasing to fans.

If the plot of Brussolo's work sounds to the reader like the plot of Inception, it does have some similarities, though this novel was published before the film.

I checked this out from the Morrisson-Reeves Public Library in Richmond, Indiana and read it quickly.

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