Friday, April 12, 2013

#15: Midnight Special by Phoef Sutton

Matt Cahill is cursed/blessed with being able to see evil, and in this installment of the Dead Man series, he gets curious about a supposedly cursed 70s grindhouse movie and heads to L.A. in Midnight Special.

This speedy series of horror novels for the Kindle, written by various authors, have varied in quality but I think this is my favorite thus far.  Phoef Sutton writes in a darkly humorous vein and name-checks a lot of exploitation flicks, which is right up my alley.

Like the last installment I read, Cold As Hell by Anthony Neil Smith,  this one read a bit like a storyline conceived for something else with Matt Cahill and his antagonist, Mr. Dark, bolted onto the action.  But I liked the concept for it well enough that this didn't bother me.

This was sent to me by series creator Lee Goldberg for my beloved Kindle and I consumed it quickly.  Recommended for fans of the series.

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