Sunday, March 29, 2020

#15: You'll Get Yours by William Ard

A straight-arrow private eye falls hard for a rising starlet, and in short order is ready to kill to get her out of a blackmail frame, in William Ard's You'll Get Yours.

I know Ard mostly as Jonas Ward, who wrote a tough-minded series of westerns featuring Tom Buchanan, but he also wrote a number of crime novels under various names before his untimely death.

Stark House Press brought this one back under their Black Gat imprint, and it is a doozy.

You'll Get Yours is as hard-boiled as they come from the first page to the last--opening on the P.I. ready to kill someone in a seedy Mexican hotel all the way to a deadly, and downbeat, finale.  In between are gangsters, junkies, tough cops, and bad deals, and lots of pretty frank storytelling for the 50s.

I got this one from Stark House Press via mail and read it quickly.

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