Sunday, January 17, 2021

#5: Agatha by Anne Cathrine Bomann

 A therapist at the end of his career seems to find life again when taking on a lively young patient in Anne Cathrine Bomann's debut Agatha.

This is Danish author Bomann's first novel--she has previously been a therapist as well, and a table tennis national champion--and it is a warm-hearted story, though the basic plot--an older person finding the will to live through a vibrant younger person--is familiar.

Well-drawn characters, including the therapist's strict secretary who has a surprising home life, and a long-time neighbor who turns out to have an interesting backstory, add value to the slender but engaging volume.

My wife got this for Christmas and I picked it up myself and read it quickly.  Recommended for those who want a light, literary novel.  I'll be interested to see what Bomann does next.

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