Sunday, July 23, 2023

#14: Gun Trail to Sedalia by Ross Woods

A cowboy comes home to find his homestead sold in a suspicious deal with his brother, leading to a breakneck race to stop the sale, in Ross Woods' Gun Trail to Sedalia.

I got a handful of these Spitfire books in a lot from eBay, after reading about them online.  They are in a unique pocket digest format and were written for the young adult market.

I didn't find this one noticeably for young adults, with our protagonist using a judicious amount of dynamite to solve modest problems and steady gunplay throughout.  It leans heavily into the action and includes the old friend of 60s TV and movies, quicksand.  I've wondered why quicksand doesn't play as big a role in contemporary storytelling anymore.

I read this very quickly on a camping trip and enjoyed it as a solid western.  I'll be diving into more of these Spitfire books soon.

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