Monday, January 23, 2017

#15: Night of the Horns by Douglas Sanderson

An up-and-coming lawyer seems to have it all, including a loving wife, close friends, and a growing practice; but when he agrees to pick up a suitcase for a shady client, it all collapses overnight in Night of the Horns by Douglas Sanderson.

One thing I really enjoy about Stark House Press is that they put out some crime and noir novels from people I have never heard of, but obviously should learn more about.  Night of the Horns is as bleak and hard-boiled a noir as I've ever read, and since it was written in the 1950s has plenty simmering under the surface, including homoeroticism, abortion, infidelity, impotence, and more.

Night of the Horns is a very tough but rewarding entry in the noir genre, and I will look for more from Sanderson. 

I checked this out from the New Castle Henry County Public Library in New Castle Indiana and read it quickly.

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