Sunday, January 29, 2017

#18: The Pistoleros by John Benteen

Gun-for-hire Jim Sundance takes on a gang holed up in a desert fortress--even as he has a price on his own head--in The Pistoleros, another entry in the Sundance western series by the prolific Ben Haas (writing as John Benteen).

Sundance has a white father and Cheyenne mother, and uses his skills to try and help those in need in both worlds; mostly by hiring himself out in dangerous situations, and then using his hefty payment to help with Native American issues in far-off Washington.  It's a pretty interesting premise that underlies what in this case is a sturdy western with a spaghetti flavor.

After finding a single Sundance not long ago, I have been on the prowl for more, as Haas seems to write a cut above the standard oater; a friend sent me a batch in the mail, and this was the first one of those I knocked out. 

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