Wednesday, March 6, 2024

#13: Waste Tide by Chen Quifan

In a bleak near future, a giant e-waste recycling area called Silicon Isle edges towards destruction brought on by class warfare and an incoming typhoon in Chen Quifan's Waste Tide, translated from Chinese.

The catalyst is a "waste person" called Mimi who is inadvertently exposed to a virus from a discarded prosthetic.  The virus enhances her brain to the point she can control digital networks (as well as, alarmingly, a discarded 9-foot-tall mecha).  How this tips the balance between the island's bosses and the indentured waste people is at the crux of the story.

This was an interesting sci-fi story written from a perspective I'm not exposed to often.  Worthwhile for high tech science fiction fans.

I got this for my beloved Kindle and read it steadily.

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