Thursday, March 14, 2024

#15: Central Station by Lavie Tidhar

A space port in Tel Aviv provides the backdrop to a myriad group of characters, including a seller of ancient pulp paperbacks, a robot who performs marriages and circumcisions, a data vampire, and a vat-grown boy with strange powers, in Lavie Tidhar's Central Station.

Tidhar has done a lot of cool world-building in this one, which seems to be stitched together from a number of rewritten short stories.  I would guess that would account for the large cast of characters and disparate storylines that weave in and out.  But I was hooked on the ideas from the jump and enjoyed following along.

This is the second novel I've read from Tidhar lately and find that his ideas fit right into my kind of reading.  Recommended for sci-fi fans.

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